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Slim-Drinks Announcement

12 July, 2020: Although low on some products at the moment, I have another delivery expected later this week.


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The Quick Tour shows how you can buy Valentus products through us. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can buy from us. It also shows how you can be part of the  Valentus Business Opportunity to achieve your financial dreams and ambitions. There is no need to go through each entire page of the whole site. Just follow the Quick Tour link to go to the next short page. Scroll down the page to the bottom and there will be another Quick Tour link to the next page. After 4 pages you will end up at the Contact Us page. Fill out the Contact form with your address. If you have a European address, we will send you a sample of SlimRoast Coffee. Tell us if you don’t drink coffee and we can send something else.  Quick Tour to the Valentus Products. 

We all dream at times, of a better life for ourselves and our families. Some dream of turning left when they get on that long haul flight to Australia, of losing weight, or having a healthier lifestyle. Others dream of being able to help out their aged parents, others about taking the children to see Father Christmas in Lapland. Some have a seemingly unobtainable dream of giving the kids a new pair of shoes rather than hand-me downs. Valentus has helped people achieve all these dreams and more. What are your dreams? Read on and learn how you can fulfil them.

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First of all; Lose those stubborn pounds and inches with the world’s healthiest coffee – Valentus SlimROAST. Losing weight, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle tastes good with the natural Valentus Prevail Products. Not only are the health benefits amazing, but they taste delicious as well. Use the contact form to contact us, or call me, Russell Collins, on 01908 52624 or 07976 912550.

In addition, the powerful Valentus Income Opportunity means you can fulfil your dreams by earning an additional income from your own business, in your own home and time. Some Valentus Independent Representatives earn many hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month through their Valentus related business. It’s not an easy get rich quick scheme, but hard work has bought many people the success they deserve and the fulfilment of their dreams.


The Valentus Beverage Products

Immune Boost
Immune Boost

The premier SlimRoast coffee comes in 2 variants -Brazilian SlimRoast and Italian Slim Roast Plus. The other products include the PrevailMax spray, and the water soluble Prevail Breakthrough, Prevail Energy, Prevail Trim and Prevail Immune Boost. All the products are made from the purest natural ingredients available. Not only are the products good for your body, they taste great too. These products are second to none

The Valentus Business Dream Opportunity

Prevail Breakthrough

The Valentus Business Opportunity gives people the chance to develop their own business by selling Prevail branded products. It has been said that you need 5 successful income streams to be a millionaire. Running a business based around these products gets you one of those income streams. You can dedicate as much time as you want, or as little time as you can spare.

The 12in24 Plan

Prevail Trim
Prevail Trim

The 12in24 plan is a structured weight loss and vitality plan that aims to lose you either 12 inches, or 12 pounds in 24 days. Have a SlimRoast coffee in the morning before breakfast. Take a Trim before your evening meal. Finally, take an Immune Boost before bed. You do this for 6 days a week, taking the 7th off. Repeat for four weeks and see the difference.



Prevail SlimROAST Coffee
Valentus SlimROAST