Russell Collins

Valentus independent reseller Russell Collins and Art
A picture of Russell Collins in front of one of his pieces of art.

A Few Words About Russell Collins

Russell Collins spent 18 years in the construction industry, and after completing an MBA spent 3 years in academia. He then started his own company selling electronic voting systems – think “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Ask The Audience”.

Russell also spent 11 years as a Reserve (formerly Territorial Army) Sapper, NCO, and Officer. He served with Commando Squadron, Field Squadron and Bomb Disposal, only leaving when he realised that he would never lead his Armoured Division through the gates of Moscow.

Russell is also a practicing artist who paints, displays and sells his art at craft shows around the Buckinghamshire area. He also runs painting days where he teaches people how to paint. His 11 year old daughter Freya thinks he is getting better.

Russell paints many different subjects from abstract seascapes and landscapes, though to flowers and birds. See some of Russell Collins Art here.

Russell also sells fine art paints, brushes, books and DVDs  by Farbi-Flora, that teach the Gary Jenkins style of painting. Gary Jenkins is one of America’s finest flora and bird painters.

Russell is a recent addition to the Claire Murdoch’s Valentus Team Victorious and is looking forward to the challenges and rewards ahead.