Valentus Opportunity

The Valentus Opportunity – What Are Your Dreams?

Valentus Opportunity

Becoming a Valentus IR (Independent Reseller) gives you the opportunity to achieve your dreams and ambitions, You can either start your own home based business, or build on the business you already have. Either way, it can help you increase your earnings and achieve your dreams. Maybe you dream of more time with the family, or of taking the children to see Father Christmas in Lapland. Maybe paying off your mortgage early would mean a more comfortable life. If so, then becoming a Valentus Independent Reseller, who gets paid in up to 7 different ways, could help you achieve that dream.

The Valentus Opportunity is based around the concept of MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing), or Direct Sales. A number of well known companies operate this form of business model, and the best known is probably Avon Cosmetics. 

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The Valentus Opportunity – Achieve Your Dreams

If you are a new starter then you can start your own business in your own home in your own time. You can put as much or as little time as you can into your business and see your earnings grow. If you already run a small business, maybe you’re a gardener, a hairdresser, or a cleaner then you already have a customer base. Instead of just providing your normal service, you can then offer them the Valentus products. Then, if some of your customers might want to become resellers themselves, they will become part of your team. You will see your business begin to grow as theirs does.

You won’t be on your own, you will be part of a team and that team will help train you in the best way to grow your business. There is plenty of training materials available and these include downloadable training materials, and also web based webinar sessions. The training covers areas that include product knowledge, sales training, presentation skills, marketing, small business management and many others. There are also plenty of trainers and mentors around the world who you can learn from These people will help you and your business grow and help you achieve your dreams. The training won’t just help you with your Valentus business, it will help you in many areas of your life as well – even your day job.

Read on to learn more abut how you get paid your commissions. For more information on the Valentus Opportunity Click Here (will open the Valentus company page in a new tab).

 The Valentus Opportunity – 7 Ways To Be Paid

Valentus Independent Resellers earn an extra income through 7 different ways. Here is a simplified description of those 7 ways.

  1. Retail Commissions – profits from your retail sales
  2. First Order Bonus – you sign up an IR of any level
  3. Legacy Qualification Bonus – starts when signing your fourth Ruby IR
  4. Dual Team Commission – based on IR sales turnover of your teams
  5. Team Matching Bonus – based on turnover of total team
  6. Enrolment Pool Bonus – based on the Ruby IRs you personally enrol
  7. Vehicle Bonus – starts to be earned when you reach the Diamond level

First of all, income is earned from the profits on product sold to end users. Secondly, some of your customers will become resellers of the products. Your resellers get their own customers, and their own resellers. You will then earn income from the sales they make. With hard work and determination, you could earn income of thousands of pounds per month. 

Joining an MLM organisation early means that more opportunities present themselves. Valentus  was founded in 2014, and its first year sales were US$350,000. In 2015 it turned over US$2,500,000, and in 2016 it turned over US$80,000,000.  Valentus has only been in the UK since August 2016, and this means that there are plenty of opportunities to grow.

Go to my page – Valentus Business opportunity to see a more detailed description of how you can earn.

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