Slim-Drinks Rejuvenation

Slim-Drinks Rejuvenation – 17 February 2022

The events of the last couple of years have meant that things have gone slack, but now is the time to rejuvenate.

This web site is being upgraded. There have been a number of product changes.

First of all Trim no longer exists, it ceased production a good 18 months ago. I woudl say that any Trim product available is now outside its sell by date, or is an imitation product. If you fin otherwise then please let me know.

The coffees have changed as well. We now have the smooth Brazilian blend, and the slightly spicy Italian blend.

There is also a hot chocolate drink.

Milton Keynes Home Business

A Milton Keynes Home Business

Milton Keynes Home Business
Milton Keynes home Business

We all have ambitions and dreams, and starting a home business can help you achieve those dreams. So, if you would like to start a Milton Keynes home business, that trains you then read on. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain by learning how the Valentus Business can help you achieve your ambitions. Download an Invitation here.

Come to a short 1 hour meeting on June 7th at The Holiday Inn, Central Milton Keynes to learn more. You will hear high earners Claire Murdoch and Candice Smith talk about how the Valentus business opportunity helped them, and how it can help you. As well as learning about the opportunities open to you, you will also get some valuable free samples of the world’s healthiest slimming coffee. – A cup a day helps burn fat away.

The meeting starts at 7.00 pm and will end at 8.00 pm. There are other meetings in Liverpool on the 10th June and Dunfermline on the 17th June as well.

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Making More Money From Your Home Business

Making More Money From Your Home Business

Valentus Prevail
Home Business With Valentus

This blog post has been copied from my Art blog and made relevant for a small home business. You can see the original post about Making More Money From Art here. I am going to make this blog more visually appealing by inserting some artwork into it.  The blog is quite long, and the paintings will make it more interesting.

You started this home based Valentus business to earn more money to help you achieve your dreams. There are ways that the Government can effectively subsidise your business and help you achieve your dreams. You probably already know this if you had a home based business before you started with Valentus. If you did, then please tell me if I have made any glaring errors or omissions. This article also covers a couple of related business subjects such as insurance requirements. Come to one of the Valentus events that show how you can start your own home business.

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Energy Drink

Kick The Energy Drink Addiction

Picture of commercially available Energy Drink
Commercially Available Energy Drink

The United States Air Force, in the best research traditions asked itself a question. What happens if you feed some young people four cans of an un-named, commercially available energy drink? Of course, you need a control group when you do a research project, and the control group was given similar amounts of caffeine with cherry syrup. Read on for the results. Continue reading “Energy Drink”

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
Wake Up And Smell The Slim Roast Coffee

If you tell someone to wake up and smell the coffee, it  usually means that they need to become aware of the reality of a situation. To put another way you are saying – “You are wrong on this issue, and you must recognise reality”.

The reality here is that there is a coffee drink that can lose you weight, and tastes great as well. The coffee is by the Continue reading “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”

Prevail Healthy Energy Drink

Best Healthy Energy Drink

Take a look at this photograph below of 2 drinks, both of them claim to be a healthy energy drink. There is also a pile of white grains weighing 18g (.65oz).

healthy energy drink lucozade
Prevail Energy, Sugar and Lucozade

At the bottom you have a Prevail Energy drink sachet that can make a 500ml (17oz) drink, at the top a 500ml (17oz) Lucozade bottle. In the middle you have a pile of white sugar that weighs 18g (.65oz) – about 4 teaspoons worth. Continue reading “Prevail Healthy Energy Drink”