Energy Drink

Kick The Energy Drink Addiction

Picture of commercially available Energy Drink
Commercially Available Energy Drink

The United States Air Force, in the best research traditions asked itself a question. What happens if you feed some young people four cans of an un-named, commercially available energy drink? Of course, you need a control group when you do a research project, and the control group was given similar amounts of caffeine with cherry syrup. Read on for the results. Continue reading “Energy Drink”

Prevail Healthy Energy Drink

Best Healthy Energy Drink

Take a look at this photograph below of 2 drinks, both of them claim to be a healthy energy drink. There is also a pile of white grains weighing 18g (.65oz).

healthy energy drink lucozade
Prevail Energy, Sugar and Lucozade

At the bottom you have a Prevail Energy drink sachet that can make a 500ml (17oz) drink, at the top a 500ml (17oz) Lucozade bottle. In the middle you have a pile of white sugar that weighs 18g (.65oz) – about 4 teaspoons worth. Continue reading “Prevail Healthy Energy Drink”