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Commercially Available Energy Drink

The United States Air Force, in the best research traditions asked itself a question. What happens if you feed some young people four cans of an un-named, commercially available energy drink? Of course, you need a control group when you do a research project, and the control group was given similar amounts of caffeine with cherry syrup. Read on for the results.

The group that drank the four cans of commercially available energy drinks suffered from abnormal changes in the heart’s electrical activity and blood pressure.

The energy drink group still had increased blood pressure levels six hours after drinking. The control group blood pressure readings were almost normal though. The levels of caffeine were the same for both groups. Therefore, the conclusion is that something other than caffeine is altering blood pressure.

The scientists say that further research is needed to confirm the results. They say though, that people with high blood pressure, or cardiac conditions should avoid or reduce their drinking of these drinks.

By the way, 4 cans of a commercially available energy drink can contain up to 108g of sugar, as well as unspecified amounts of taurine and carnitine. Maybe it is time to consider healthy alternatives to what you buy in the shops, and where you buy them.


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