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Prevail Breakthrough

Announcement: The Business Home Group announced that Valentus, maker of Prevail Breakthrough, was the fastest growing Direct Sales organisation in 2016. Sales were up a massive 967% on 2015. This massive growth shows how Valentus can help its resellers achieve their dreams with great products and a fantastic opportunity.

Prevail Breakthrough product is a simple 12 day cleansing and detox regime. The regime should be followed for 12 days in every 90 days. A regular regime will help you detoxify your body.

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If you live in the UK or Europe, you can buy from our own On-Line Shop. You can if you wish use our direct Valentus Shop to set yourself up as a Valentus Preferred Customer, and be eligible to earn free products.  Email Russell Collins for further information.

You can also sign up as a Valentus Independent Representative and earn income by selling the products and building your own team.  Email Russell Collins for further information.


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A single portion consists of 2 separate drink additives that are designed for morning and night use. By taking the AM Breakthrough portion you are helping lower cholesterol and lactose intolerance whilst raising HDL and lipid status levels. The PM Breakthrough portion though is designed to detoxify your body, help digestive disturbance, and increase metabolism. The natural ingredients have been used in the past as herbal diuretics and laxatives to help treat digestive upsets. Breakthrough is sold as part of the Valentus Business Opportunity.

Prevail Breakthrough is just one of the range of Prevail Products. Use it with PrevailMax for an added boost.

In Canada, USA or the rest of the world – buy from our Valentus Shop

In the UK or Europe – buy from our On-Line Shop.

The 90 day cycle has been designed for ease of use. A period of 12 days only are needed within that 90 day cycle to provide the optimum results. Go here for information on the 12in24 weight loss plan