Valentus 12in24 Plan Set – 3 Boxes


The Valentus 12in24 Plan for weight loss boxed set for a special price of £124.98, rather than the full price £149.97.



Valentus 12in24 Plan Set of 3 Boxes

The Valentus 12in24 set consists of three boxes of Prevail products. There is one box each of SlimRoast Coffee, Prevail Energy Boost, and Prevail Trim at a special reduced price  of £124.98 per set.

The Valentus 12in24 Plan is a weight loss plan that aims to lose you 12 pounds, or 12 inches, or a combination of this in 24 days.


Additional information

Weight .216 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 12 cm


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