Buy SlimRoast Shop

Buy SlimRoast Shop
“Fish In A Blue Tank” is one of my paintings. Nothing to do with coffee, it just looks nice.

And here be the shop where you can buy SlimRoast, and other drinks. Buy from this Slim-Drinks shop if you live in the UK or Europe.

Slim-Drinks Announcement

12 July, 2020: Although low on some products at the moment, I have another delivery expected later this week.

Please note that Valentus does not allow its Independent Representatives to sell on Ebay or Amazon. This is to ensure that all product sold is genuine, and that there is a direct link between the customer (it is for your protection) and the Independent Representative.

If you live in Canada, the USA or the Rest Of The World, you should set yourself up as one of our Preferred Customers. You then buy from my Valentus Shop (opens in new tab). You will need to enter my User Name to buy, and this is “RussellC“. The products will be shipped directly to you. There is also an incentive scheme that rewards you for recommending the products to your friends. You can also sign up as an Independent Representative and earn income from the compensation scheme. Email Russell Collins for further information.

Please email or call me if you have any questions, Russell Collins, +44 (0)1908 526264 or +44(0)7976 912550. Email Russell Collins.

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