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An Introduction

Valentus Business Opportunity, Valentus Reseller
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The Valentus Business Opportunity gives you the opportunity to start and run your own profitable business, from home, by becoming a Valentus Reseller. There are a number of ways that you can earn a good income stream, and I will explain in a simplified way, how you can do this. You will be directed to the official Valentus Business page at the end of this page.  Valentus is an American company, so prices are in US$, the UK£ prices are approximate figures. This is a simplified description of the early stages of bonus and commission scheme for Valentus IRs (Independent Resellers).

Announcement: The Business Home Group says that the fastest growing Direct Sales company in 2016 was Valentus, which in 2016 grew by 967% to US$30m – yes it grew nearly tenfold. Valentus is only in its 4th year, so there is plenty of opportunity.

Contact me with any questions that you have about becoming a Valentus Reseller 

Many Valentus Independent Resellers earn a large income from their business, and have worked hard for it. They deserve every penny or cent that they get from it. Just because they earn a lot, it doesn’t mean that others earn less.

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7 Ways of Earning To Help Achieve Your Dreams

This is a simplified description of the 7 ways of earning. Carry on reading for more detailed video descriptions of how to earn with Valentus.

  1. Retail Commissions – profits from your retail sales
  2. First Order Bonus – you sign up an IR of any level
  3. Legacy Qualification Bonus – starts when signing your fourth Ruby IR
  4. Dual Team Commission – based on IR sales turnover of your teams
  5. Team Matching Bonus – based on turnover of total team
  6. Enrolment Pool Bonus – based on the Ruby IRs you personally enrol
  7. Vehicle Bonus – starts to be earned when at the Diamond level

Joining The Valentus Business Opportunity.

When you sign as an IR (Independent Reseller), you buy products at a volume based discount. I signed up as a Ruby IR which meant that I received a 45% discount on list price. I paid US$499.00 (£415.00) for 16 boxes, plus a one-off US$20.00 (£17.00) administration charge. My delivery costs added US$68.00 (£57.00). I need to buy just 3 boxes a month to maintain my Ruby status.

Independent Reseller Levels

There are 4 starter Independent Reseller levels, or IR for short. These are based on the discounted volume that you buy. Higher IR levels from Emerald to Crown Ambassador are dependent on the growth of your business. It can be hard work at times, but the rewards make it worthwhile. There is a 3 level difference from Ruby through Emerald and Diamond to Double Diamond level, but a Double Diamond would earn between £2,500  and £4,000 A WEEK. Double Diamonds still have to retail the products though, and maintain a total business turnover to remain at their level.

Basic – You qualify as an IR level and you buy 1 box of product at list price of US$59.99 (£49.95)

Starter – You qualify as a Gold IR and you buy 3 boxes for US$129.95 (£108.30)

Advanced – You qualify as a Platinum IR and you buy 6 boxes for US$199.95 (£166.25}

Business Builder – You qualify as a Ruby IR and you buy 16 boxes for US$499.95 (£416.63)

Valentus Administration Charge

The administration charge gives you a number of web sites based on the Valentus template, but linked to your own name. You will see links to some of my Valentus based web sites on the Slim-Drink Buy Valentus page. You will also see a complete list of my Valentus supplied web sites at the bottom of this page. Contact us for further information.

Reseller Strategy

First of all, a few words about reseller strategy. The Valentus scheme encourages you to set up a network of resellers. You can only physically manage a certain number of resellers personally, and the number depends on the time you have available. Once your immediate network gets to a certain size, it will benefit you to assign new resellers to some of your existing resellers. This will help your network to grow in depth, not just width.

Contact me Russell Collins, with any questions that you have.

Retail Income.

Assuming that you start at the Ruby level, you will have a discount of 45%.  Sell the products to your customers at the list price, and don’t forget to add delivery costs. The recommended price is £2.50 ($3.00) per sachet or £49.99 ($59.95) per box. You need to purchase a small amount of product every month, for sale or personal consumption to keep your Ruby status. Just 3 boxes a month maintains your Ruby status. Lesser status’ require lower quantities, but then your discount is lower.

Fast Start Bonus

Now start recruiting your own resellers for the products. These are usually retail customers who are impressed with the products, and want to get involved. Assuming you came in at the Fast Start business Ruby level then you will earn between US$20 (£15.00) to $100.00 (£80.00) for every reseller that you sign up, depending on their initial level. You will be paid at the end of the following week. Watch the Fast Start Bonus video below, to see how this works.

So if you sign up 6 resellers at the Ruby level in a week, you will get $600.00 (£480.00) as your Fast Start Bonus the following week. Sign up 9 Ruby Resellers in a week and you will get $900.00 (£720.00) as your Fast Start Bonus the following week. You don’t have to sign them in a week, you just get paid at the end of the week you sign them up.

Dual Team Bonus

The next income generator is the Dual Team Bonus. Your resellers then enrol their resellers at the Ruby level and this will pay you $20.00 (£17.00) for every person they enrol. As the size of your network grows, and the number of resellers grow, the more you will earn in bonuses. Watch the Dual Team Bonus video below, to see how this works.

Dual Team Matching Bonus.

You now earn an additional 25% bonus on the commissions that resellers you have personally enrolled earn. If a reseller you enrolled earns £500.00 (US$ 600.00) commission, then you will receive a £125.00 (US$ 150.00) commission paid the following week. Watch the Dual Team Macthing Bonus video below, to see how this works.

Legacy Coded Bonus

In addition, those resellers that you enrol (with the exception of the first three resellers) will earn you a US$100.00 bonus paid at the end of the following week. The bonus earned by the first 3 resellers will go to what is known as the Foundation Team up-line to someone else who is entitled to it. Watch the Legacy Coded Bonus video below, to see how this works.

As the resellers enrol their own resellers, you will get the US$100.00 from their first 3 enrolled resellers.

And Afterwards

As your network of resellers grows, so does your income and higher level bonuses kick in. High earning IRs, have worked hard to expand their business and deserve the income stream they get.

Contact me with any questions that you have about becoming a Valentus Reseller 

Valentus Supplied Web Sites.

Here are the web sites, based on the Valentus template, that have been given over to me. These sites will open in a new browser tab. You will see my name in the top right hand corner.