Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
Wake Up And Smell The Slim Roast Coffee

If you tell someone to wake up and smell the coffee, it  usually means that they need to become aware of the reality of a situation. To put another way you are saying – “You are wrong on this issue, and you must recognise reality”.

The reality here is that there is a coffee drink that can lose you weight, and tastes great as well. The coffee is by the Valentus company and is called SlimRoast. People don’t just lost weight through drinking the SlimROAST coffee. they have also made an additional income stream by taking up the Valentus Opportunity and becoming a reseller of the Valentus Products.

SlimRoast is more than a slimming coffee. It is packed with natural antioxidants, energy enhancers and sleep boosters – yes sleep boosters.

Valentus doesn’t just make coffee, they make Prevail Energy drinks, immune boosters and detox drinks as well. Read here about the other Prevail products. All the drinks are made from naturally occurring ingredients

Walking, Duck

Why the picture of a duck? Well if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck – it’s a duck. If it looks like a diet coffee, acts like a diet coffee, then it must be a diet coffee. So, wake up and smell the coffee.


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